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Residential services protect your home. From within and from without. Suspected problems need to be assessed quickly and actions taken if needed.

If you think you have bed bugs for example trap a few need to be trapped if possible. Identification is key effective treatments. Often bed bugs are limited to a single host and room. If they’re guest in every bedroom it is a different problem.

Roaches are a nuisance and can transmit disease. If they are in your house you likely have a water problem. Pantry bugs are another nuisance bug. Often they come in the food we buy. The biggest problem is that unwanted guest make us feel violated or dirty generally making homes feel less safe and less valuable.

From the outside, many municipalities now require pre-treament of new properties to prevent termite problems. That’s because the most expensive damage come from damage to the wood in your home. Every year in North America termite damage costs us a billion and a half dollars or more.

So what do you do to protect your home if it is already standing? The Cadillac solution is to dig and to drill holes and to apply residual termiticides and create a perimeter that is termite proof. But at a minimum basic cautionary steps need to be taken. Store firewood away from the foundation and make sure plants in beds do not make contact with the house. React quickly to moisture issues etc.

It’s a jungle out there a a bit of one inside even in a very well kept home. We welcome calls to prevent problems but these are still very rare. If you need our help we’ll use the most up to date approaches and will fit the solution to the problem. Often cleaning, vacuuming and natural pesticide dusts can be an effective solution. If spraying is necessary we’ll apply it only where it makes sense. Call us we’ll help. If a competitor want to heat treat or spray your whole house you may want to give us a call. We can hit a nail with a pile driver as well as the next company, but we may save you some headaches and money and reduce the residue your children and pets will face moving forward.

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