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I am very satisfied with the service.  I’ve lived in apartments most of my life and so have had quite a number of experience with bugs.  Once reported the apartment management sends you a notice and then inevitably they bait and spray pesticides.  Anderson Green helped me to control my bedbug problem using diatomaceous earth, heat treatment and a bit of steam cleaning.  I would use them again

When I saw the bites on my son’s legs I was sure we had bedbugs.  Anderson Green came quickly and helped me to learn that we in fact had fleas.  Using just a vacuum and a mattress cover the problem was taken care of quickly and completely.  No pesticides used!   Thanks

There were rats destroying my belongings stored in my shed.  I got help and the rats were trapped.  Because they were part of a colony bigger then my shed bait stations were then installed.  That was early winter.  Now in the spring I see no signs of rats.

Glad for the assistance even though I was out of the company’s service area.  The person I spoke to helped me out and helped me to identify the problem.  From there I rented a steam cleaner and was able to save my carpet which would have been ruined.  Thanks!

AG helped my to deal with my bedbug problem.  I say managed because I rented my apartment and the building had lots of problems, chief among them a crappy landlord.  Really appreciate all the pest control and support.  Thankfully I have since moved:)

Good service.  Hired them to catch some mice in the garage which they did.  They showed me the reasons the mice were coming in and helped me make changes to make the garage less attractive.

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