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Recent studies show that the number one factor effecting longevity is weight.  Fitness doesn’t predict much apparently. Drink coffee, don’t drink wine, drink wine, cut out coffee. How many times are we presented with “groundbreaking” results?

Here’s another “fact”: North Americans spend 90% of their lives indoors. A bit of math: 24 Hours * 10% = 2.4 Hours per day outdoors. So that’s 21.6 hours indoors. Of that time 9 hours or so are spent at work or getting there. We’ll add 0.6 hours per day going to the store (to make the math simpler:) That leaves most of us at home awake or asleep half the time or about 12 hours. Let’s say we sleep 8 hours and are awake for 4 inside at home everyday. Outdoorsy people and runners, cyclists, etc. might spend another 30 minutes or even an hour outdoors daily.

So what would it take to notice the outside of the house. Many infestations can be avoided by being aware of the conditions outside the house. As a home owner regular and aware walks around the house are a great way to reduce the possibility you will suffer an infestation. And while you’re there you can notice the birds and the bees, flowers and trees and that your house is generally in good repair. This could take 10 or 20 minutes a week.

Ten or twenty extra minutes outside every week will help you appreciate your castle and the nature that surrounds it a little more. Connecting to nature is part of healthy living. If you would like a list of simple things to check for as you walk around, see our blog. If you live in a condo or apartment it’s a different walk but again see our blog:)

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